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Chain Wars is a brand new Digital Collectible Card Game (DCCG). Its experience is amplified by ‘Play to Earn’ and supportive products. It implements the most exciting, innovative features blockchain technology has to offer right now. The game is driven by blockchain technology and runs on multiple chains. This allows for a fresh approach to create a game. The main opportunities within this fresh approach are decentralizing a game and powering it by its own currency, Chain Wars Essence (CWE). Each chain correlates to a playable race within the game. The current races involve Origon, Nimble and Human. The majority of items are player-owned and tradeable via our own Marketplace. So, are you ready to create your best possible deck and compete with other players? We hope to see you on board!


Obtain the rarest and strongest items by purchasing Lootboxes starting from an approximate worth of 5 USD in CWE. Lootboxes have fixed odds to drop certain items. All items obtained from Lootboxes are truly player-owned and can be traded. 50% of the purchases will be given back to the community via our Treasury, an assembly of reward pools.



As the name implies, Chain Wars Essence (CWE) is made for Chain Wars and all relative products. It allows users to trade on the marketplace and buy Lootboxes and other products. In contrast with lots of other similar projects, Chain Wars Essence is given more utility than just collecting rewards. Chain Wars Essence runs on smart contracts which create an infinite recycling of tokens. From all amounts of Chain Wars Essence spent, a share is allocated towards the Treasury, to eventually be given back to the community. Find more details about this dynamic in our whitepaper.