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eSports teams are rising in popularity, seen in tournaments and events which have become stepping stones to a professional gaming career. eSports teams value teamwork and coordination, much like traditional sports teams.

There are about 180 professional eSports organizations around the world. These figures reflect the growing interest of enthusiasts and professional gamers in competitive gaming.

So what does it take to join one of these teams? Here are 10 tips to help you pursue your goal of joining an eSports team:

Tip 1: Choose Your Game and Platform

Choosing which game to focus on is crucial because games have different platforms. For example:

●   Call of Duty only works on Xbox and PlayStation

●   Mobile Legends only works on mobile devices

●   League of Legends only works on PC

You’ll need to select a game that aligns with the devices you own or are willing to buy.

Consider which platform serves you best based on your budget and preferences. Key factors include:

●   Mobile: Very affordable, visuals depend on device quality

●   Console: Easy to use, cheaper than PC, less versatility

●   PC: Better visuals, highly versatile, more expensive but upgradeable

Once you’ve selected your primary game and platform, it’s time to start looking for a team.

Tip 2: Research Successful Teams in Your Game

Study the top eSports teams in the game you want to pursue competitively. Analyze their strategies, techniques, and path to success. Some top teams in major games include:

●   Counter-Strike Global Offensive: Natus Vincere

●   Fortnite: FaZe Clan

●   Dota 2: OG

●   League of Legends: T1

●   Valorant: OpTic Gaming

10 Tips On How To Join An Esports Team

Pay attention to how these teams train, strategize, and work together effectively. Understanding what makes top teams successful will help you demonstrate your own abilities later.

Tip 3: Master Your Chosen Game

Start actively practicing to build advanced skills and techniques for your game. You can leverage tutorials, streams, and gaming blogs to learn what it takes to go pro.

Some top channels for game tutorials and education include:

●   PurgeGamers

●   BananaSlamJamma

●   Dota D.Bowie

●   ProGuides Challenger LoL Guides

●   Professor Akali

●   League of Legends: Wild Rift

●   Scout Gaming

●   GameLeap Overwatch 2 Guides

The key is deliberate, focused practice to keep improving. As you play more, find your unique style and strengths. This will prepare you to excel during tryouts and demonstrate your capabilities.

Tip 4: Volunteer at eSports Events

Look for opportunities to volunteer at eSports tournaments and events. Helping out gets you exposure into the competitive gaming world, letting you see what goes on behind the scenes.

Volunteering also connects you with other gamers, team personnel, organizers, and influencers. Start building your professional network while giving back to the community.

Tip 5: Attend Live eSports Tournaments

Watching tournaments in person is entertaining while providing player exposure. Analyze the teams, players, and event operations up close.

Sit anywhere you can comfortably spectate from. Take notes on factors like team coordination, individual mechanics, tournament rules and logistics. Doing your homework prepares you for tryouts and competition.

Attending live also presents networking opportunities to connect with fellow gamers, organizers, sponsors, and talent scouts.

10 Tips On How To Join An Esports Team

Tip 6: Actively Engage with the Gaming Community

Build connections with fellow gamers through multiplayer games, forums, social media, and chat tools like Discord. The more you interact, the more visibility and networking arises.

Some examples:

●   Share your gaming content and activities

●   Comment on streams and videos from other gamers

●   Participate in community events and outreach programs

●   Join gaming groups on social platforms

Getting involved keeps you engaged while expanding your professional relationships. This facilitates opportunities to get noticed, recruited or invited to try out.

Tip 7: Build Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Establish your identity on key social platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch. Post gaming content to attract followers within the community.

Some best practices:

●   Share game clips, event/tournament photos

●   Engage with fellow gamers by reacting and commenting

●   Promote your streams, videos, podcasts

●   Use relevant hashtags and tags

An emerging personal brand improves visibility so teams can discover you. It also demonstrates your commitment through regular quality content.

Tip 8: Leverage eSports Recruiting Platforms

Specialized sites like Seek Team and GameSync connect amateur talent with teams and organizations looking for players.

Create a profile highlighting your skills, experience, credentials, and accomplishments. Provide contact details so teams can reach out about tryouts or interviews.

The key is presenting yourself professionally through an updated gamer resume. This makes it easier to get discovered by talent scouts.

Tip 9: Prepare a Gamer Resume and Cover Letter

10 Tips On How To Join An Esports Team

Have a polished resume and cover letter ready for recruiters and team managers. Tailor these documents to highlight your gaming abilities, achievements and relevant experience.

Follow these tips:

●   Use a resume format suited for gaming: Include sections like Skills, Gaming Experience, Accomplishments, Education

●   Emphasize technical abilities: Game sense, communication, team play, leadership, roles played, etc. Provide relevant stats and figures where possible

●   List awards and achievements: Tournament results, ladder rankings, creds from gaming companies

●   Proofread extensively:
Check for spelling/grammar issues and factual accuracy

This professional approach improves chances to impress during the application process.

Tip 10: Leverage Other Talents and Skills

Think about expertise outside gaming that could uniquely benefit an eSports organization.

●   Writing: Contribute content for gaming sites/teams

●   Production: Create videos and podcasts

●   Graphics: Design logos, branding materials, content

●   Marketing: Promote teams and players through social media

Showcasing supplementary skills expresses your willingness to contribute beyond gaming. This makes you a more versatile candidate for selection.

Joining a professional eSports team takes dedication through practice, networking, promotion and preparation.

Follow these tips to maximize your chances while pursuing your gaming passion:

●   Master your craft in a chosen title

●   Build relationships and connections

●   Establish a personal brand

●   Prepare professionally with resumes and profiles

●   Express additional transferrable skills

10 Tips On How To Join An Esports Team

Stay determined through the process and seek out opportunities. With skill and persistence, you can get recruited onto your dream gaming team!

Is competitive gaming a viable career?

Yes, top players can earn significant income through tournaments, stream revenue, salaries, endorsements and other means. The industry’s continued growth has created more career opportunities.

What is the average retirement age for an eSports pro?

The average retirement age is early to mid 20s. Fast reaction times and consistency tend to decline past this period. Some transition into coaching, analysis or content creation roles.

How much do pro gamers practice daily?

It varies per game and player, but 8-10 hours of daily team practice is common. This includes analyzing play, coordinating strategies and scrimmaging.

What eSport has the highest prize money?

Dota 2 holds the record for highest prize pool in a single tournament: over $30 million at The International 2023.

What is the longest running eSports league?

ESL Meisterschaft, the biggest tournament series for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, has been running since 2002. 2024 marked its 50th season of competition.

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