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Video games have grown into a massive global industry, with revenues projected to reach $196 billion in 2023 and over 3 billion gamers worldwide. As gaming continues to expand, more opportunities arise for gamers to turn their hobby into a career.

This article explores 12 methods gamers utilize to make money playing video games in 2024.

1. Compete Professionally in eSports

eSports refers to competitive, organized video gaming events. Elite gamers can earn money in eSports through tournaments, matches, sponsorships, and salaries.


eSports tournaments offer massive prize pools for top competitors. The funds often come from crowdfunding campaigns, corporate sponsorships, and in-game purchases.

Some notable eSports tournament payouts:

●   Fortnite World Cup Finals (2019) – $30.4 million total prize pool, with $3 million awarded to the winner.

●   Dota 2 The International (2021) – $40 million total prize pool.

Other popular eSports games with large tournament payouts:

●   League of Legends

●   Call of Duty

●   PUBG

●   Fortnite

●   CS:GO

●   Honor of Kings

Pay-to-Play Matches

In pay-to-play eSports matches, gamers pay an entry fee to compete for prizes. Popular examples include:

●   Brawl Stars

●   Rocket League

●   PUBG

●   Dota 2

●   League of Legends

Gamers can move up leaderboards and accumulate points through consistent performance in matches. This helps them get noticed by professional teams and brands for sponsorships.

Sponsors and Brand Deals

As competitive gaming viewership grows, major brands sponsor teams and individual eSports athletes. Some top sponsors include:

12 Ways Gamers Make Money Playing Games In 2024

●   Red Bull

●   Nike

●   Mastercard

●   PepsiCo

●   Mercedes-Benz

These sponsors invest substantial sums for product placement, endorsements, naming rights, and more. The demographics of eSports fans make it an attractive marketing channel.


Salaries for professional gamers on eSports teams generally range between $12,000 to $187,200 per year. The highest career earnings of any eSports athlete belong to Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, totaling over $7.18 million.

2. Live Stream on Twitch

Twitch is a popular streaming platform where gamers can broadcast live to audiences. Fans can subscribe to streamers’ channels and interact via chat.

Streamers earn money through multiple methods:

●   Subscriptions – Fans pay a monthly fee for perks like custom emotes. Streamers typically receive half of subscription revenue.

●   Bits – Viewers purchase Bits (virtual goods) to “cheer” streamers. Cheering supports the streamer through direct donations.

●   Advertising – Twitch runs ads during streams and shares revenue with partners. Top streamers can earn $10,000 to $40,000 per year.

3. Upload Videos to YouTube

Similar to Twitch, gamers can monetize YouTube gaming content through ads, Super Chats, channel memberships, and more.

YouTube revenue streams:

●   Ad Revenue – YouTubers earn $0.10 to $0.30 per ad view.

●   Super Chats – Fans pay $1 to $500 to pin live chat comments. Streamers receive 70% of Super Chat proceeds.

●   Channel Memberships – Fans pay a monthly fee for unique badges, emoji, and perks. Revenue is split with YouTube.

Top gaming YouTubers like PewDiePie and JuegaGerman bring in $6 to $10 million annually.

12 Ways Gamers Make Money Playing Games In 2024

4. Create Video Game Tutorials

Gamers can earn money by publishing gaming tutorials to YouTube and other platforms. These “how to play” videos cater to newcomers looking to improve their skills.

Revenue comes from ads, affiliate marketing, fan donations, and sponsorships. With a sizable following, tutorial creators can make a comfortable living.

5. Start a Gaming Blog

Launching a gaming site allows you to earn through online ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts, eBooks, and even selling your own merchandise.

Tips for starting a profitable gaming blog:

●   Find a game niche (e.g. Fortnite tips)

●   Register a domain

●   Use SEO to drive organic traffic

●   Monetize through ads, affiliates, sponsors

●   Allow user-generated content for more engagement

To learn from the best, check out established gaming sites like Kotaku, Polygon, and GameSpot.

6. Become a Video Game Writer

Creative writers develop storylines and scripts for video games. This involves crafting intricate lore, detailed character backgrounds, vivid level descriptions, and dialogue trees.

Game writers work closely with developers across areas like animation, programming, and sound design. Skills required for the role include:

●   Expert creative writing abilities

●   Deep knowledge of game genres and mechanics

●   Strong collaboration skills

●   Some programming literacy

Aspiring writers should hone their craft through game writing courses, build a portfolio of work, network with developers, and apply for open positions.

Staff writers at major game studios bring home $76,000 per year on average.

7. Sell In-Game Items and Currency

Many popular games feature in-game economies that let players sell virtual goods for real money.

12 Ways Gamers Make Money Playing Games In 2024

For example, gamers can sell "skins" that alter the appearance of characters and weapons. They can also trade items, currencies, and accounts.

Steps for selling in-game goods:

1. Select an online marketplace specialized for your game (e.g. PlayerAuctions, Gameflip)

2. List items for sale

3. Wait for a buyer to purchase at your set price

4. Withdraw earnings!

Top sellers can earn thousands of dollars selling rare items and collectibles. However, prices and demand fluctuate.

8. Become a Game Tester

Game testers play unfinished games to uncover bugs, glitches, crashes, and other issues prior to launch. Testing helps developers squash major problems and improve overall gameplay.

This job serves as great entry point into gaming careers. No prior experience is necessary, but skills in areas like coding and gaming tech help significantly.

On average, video game testers earn approximately $47,000 per year. Those with specialized technical skills fare better.

9. Design and Develop Games

Aspiring creators can learn programming to design and develop games from scratch. Professional game developers earn an average of $73,000 to $93,000 annually.

However, launching an independently-funded game comes with financial risk. Utilizing a platform like Roblox allows easier distribution and monetization. Developers earn Robux currency based on the popularity of their games.

Top indie developers earn lifechanging sums from smash viral hits. Among Us, developed by just 3 people, has grossed over $150 million to date.

10. Become a Games Journalist

Games journalists write reviews, previews, news reports, and opinion pieces about the gaming industry. Quality editors can earn over $100,000 per year.

Building a following as an industry expert opens up secondary income streams via speaking gigs, consulting opportunities, affiliate commissions, and more.

12 Ways Gamers Make Money Playing Games In 2024

Aspiring writers should start by contributing guest posts to established sites before launching their own blog or outlet.

11. Bet on Fantasy eSports

Fantasy eSports allows fans to create fantasy rosters of real professional gamers and score points based on their performance in tournaments and matches. Cash prizes are available in paid contests.

This format takes the excitement of traditional fantasy sports and applies it to competitive gaming events. However, putting up a buy-in carries financial risk.

12. Coach Other Gamers

Veteran gamers offer paid coaching sessions to help others improve skills and strategy. Lessons usually take place via video chat and screen sharing.

Experienced coaches can command $20 to $200 per hour depending on expertise, game title, and student demand. Social media platforms like Discord and Twitch help find new clients.

While playing games will always be a beloved pastime, opportunities abound to profit from gaming skills and knowledge.

Methods like streaming and video creation offer reliable income potential. Venturing into game development or eSports involves more risk, but life-changing rewards await those find success.

New trends will emerge, but gamers willing to put in hard work can sustain lucrative gaming careers. The key is carefully assessing options against personal strengths.

With over 3 billion gamers projected worldwide by 2024, the possibilities are endless to transform gaming from a hobby into a profession.

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