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The PlayStation brand has become synonymous with gaming over the past few decades. Ever since the first PlayStation console launched in 1994, Sony has dominated the gaming industry with its innovative hardware and vast game catalog.

As of June 2024, Sony has sold an astounding 579.9 million PlayStation consoles worldwide. The PlayStation 2 remains the best-selling console ever, with over 155 million units sold. And even though supply issues plagued its launch, the latest addition – PlayStation 5 – is already among the top-selling consoles of its generation.

Let’s take a data-driven look at key PlayStation statistics to understand its continued dominance over the last decade.


●   The PlayStation 2 is still the best-selling Sony console ever, with over 158 million units sold

●   The PS5 sold 7.8 million units in its launch year – the highest among PlayStation consoles

●   Sony’s best-selling quarters were Q3 2011 and 2013, selling 9.8 million consoles each

●   2022 PS5 sales exceeded targets, reaching over 19 million units

●   PS Plus subscribers were at 47.4 million in March 2024, down from a peak of 48 million

●   Europe is Sony’s biggest market with over 203 million consoles sold

●   There were 108 million monthly active PlayStation users in March 2024

●   41% of PS4 and PS5 owners are women

●   US PS4 and PS5 owners play an average of 10.7 game titles per year

Key PlayStation Console Statistics and Facts

With over 500 million consoles sold to date, it’s no surprise PlayStation dominates gaming console discussions. While competition from Xbox and Nintendo has heated up recently, PlayStation continues to outpace rivals.

16 Playstation Statistics A Decade Of Dominance In Numbers

Let’s look at some key statistics that showcase PlayStation’s unmatched success over the last decade:

158 Million PS2 Consoles Sold

As of May 2024, the PlayStation 2 has sold an astounding 158 million units globally since launching in 2000. This makes it the highest selling game console ever. For perspective, this is more units than the Xbox 360 (85 million) and Nintendo DS (154 million).

7.8 Million PS5 Units Sold in Launch Year

Despite launching in November 2020 when supply chain issues were abundant, Sony still managed to sell 7.8 million PS5 consoles globally in its first year. This was the highest Year 1 sales figure of any PlayStation console, even exceeding the PS2’s 1.4 million launch year sales.

62.7% Market Share Over Xbox Series X/S

The latest Xbox Series X/S consoles launched alongside the PlayStation 5 in late 2020. But while industry observers expected a tight sales race, the PS5 has outsold the Xbox by over 15 million units so far. As of June 2024, PS5’s 38 million sales give it a commanding 62.7% market share of the latest console generation.

Best Selling Quarters: Q3 2011 and 2013

Sony’s single best quarter for PlayStation sales was Q3 of both 2011 and 2013 – selling around 9.8 million consoles each period. Strong holiday demand fueled these results. Q3 sales are typically Sony’s highest, but the company also posted record PlayStation revenues of $8.8 billion in Q3 of fiscal 2022.

19 Million PS5s Sold in 2022

Supply constraints led to PS5 sales falling short of targets in 2021 with only 11.5 million sold. But production ramped up in 2022 allowing Sony to blow past their forecast of 18 million PS5 sales for the year, ultimately reaching around 19 million units moved.

16 Playstation Statistics A Decade Of Dominance In Numbers

47.4 Million PS Plus Subscribers

PlayStation Plus enables online multiplayer gaming and free game downloads. After peaking at 48 million subscribers in December 2021, the service sits at 47.4 million members as of March 2024. This drop off is likely due to users waiting for new PS5 exclusives hitting the market.

270,000 PSVR2 Units Sold

Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset – PlayStation VR2 – launched in February 2024. But early sales indicate a slow start. As of March, only 270,000 units were sold – well short of Sony’s 2 million unit forecast. For context, the original PSVR sold about 45,000 units in its first month back in 2016.

Regional PlayStation Sales Statistics

From a geographic perspective, Europe continues to be Sony’s most lucrative market for PlayStation consoles accounting for over 40% of all systems sold.

Let’s look at regional sales data:

203 Million Consoles Sold in Europe

Of the 500+ million total PlayStation consoles sold to date, over 203 million units have been purchased throughout Europe. This includes around 55 million PS2 units – the console’s most popular anywhere globally. Recently the PS4 outsold the PS3 by a wide margin in Europe, while PS5 momentum builds.

108 Million PlayStation MAUs

As of March 2024, there were approximately 108 million monthly active users of the PlayStation Network worldwide. This refers to accounts that logged in to PlayStation services like online multiplayer that month. The number dropped slightly from December 2022’s 114 million MAU figure.

PlayStation Gamer Demographics

Historically gaming has been considered a male-dominated hobby. But recent PlayStation ownership and usage statistics indicate women now represent a sizeable portion of the user base.

16 Playstation Statistics A Decade Of Dominance In Numbers

In addition, the average PlayStation gamer today tends to be in their 30s or 40s – dispelling myths that gaming is just for teenagers.

41% PS4/PS5 Owners Are Women

Compared to just 18% of original PlayStation owners, a much higher percentage of current PlayStation gamers are women. Recent surveys found 41% of PS4 and PS5 owners identify as female – representing a seismic shift versus two decades ago.

31 to 36 Year Olds Own the Most PS Consoles

The highest percentage of latest-generation PlayStation console owners are not teenagers but rather adults aged 31-36. Overall, over 60% of PS4 and PS5 consoles are owned by those aged between 25 and 48 years old. Working professionals generally have more disposable income allowing more gaming purchases.

US Gamers Play 10.7 PS Titles Per Year

American gamers play more PlayStation games per year on average than every other major region. Surveys found PS4 and PS5 owners in the US play around 10.7 game titles per year. This far outpaces Europeans who play 9.6 games annually and Japanese gamers who average 5.9 titles.

PlayStation Games & Hardware Statistics

A gaming console is only as popular as its game catalog. PlayStation excels not only via innovative hardware but also exclusive first-party franchises like God of War. Let’s look at some recent software and hardware figures:

4K Gaming Now Possible with PS5

The PlayStation 5 console added support for 4K resolution gaming – a major upgrade from the PS4’s 1080p. In addition, PS5 games can achieve higher frame rates up to 120fps versus just 60fps on previous PlayStation platforms. These enhancements allow modern games to look and run better than ever before.

1,498 Games Published by Eastasiasoft

16 Playstation Statistics A Decade Of Dominance In Numbers

The publisher with the most PlayStation games under their belt as of 2024 is Eastasiasoft with nearly 1,500 titles launched. Popular developers like ThiGames are close behind having developed 773 PlayStation games thus far. First and third-party studios have created thousands of iconic games for Sony consoles over the years.

$540 Million Spent Developing RDR2

Per reports, Rockstar Games spent over half a billion dollars developing their magnum opus – Red Dead Redemption 2. At $540 million, it is the most expensive video game ever made as of 2024. These astronomical budgets allow all resources to be utilized creating supremely polished gaming experiences.

70 Million Fortnite MAUs on PlayStation

Battle royale sensation Fortnite from Epic Games continues to be the most actively played title on PlayStation Network. As of June 2024, Fortnite had around 70 million monthly active users on PlayStation consoles specifically. This massive built-in player base is why Sony pays Epic over $200 million annually to make Fortnite free on their platform.

Three decades since the original PlayStation, and Sony is still the undisputed leader in the gaming console space. Their continued sales dominance and vast player network cement PlayStation’s status as the premier platform for cutting edge interactive entertainment.

With a stellar new console in PlayStation 5, Sony is poised to extend this reign well into the future. Over 158 million PS2s sold proves that once gamers buy into the PlayStation ecosystem, they stay for the long haul thanks to industry-leading hardware and exclusive AAA gaming content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many PS Network users are there in 2024?

As of March 2024, there were approximately 108 million monthly active PlayStation Network users worldwide.

16 Playstation Statistics A Decade Of Dominance In Numbers

Do women own and play PlayStation?

Yes, 41% of current PS4 and PS5 owners identify as women – a significant portion of the total user base.

How much revenue has Sony earned from PlayStation in 2024?

For fiscal year 2024 so far, Sony has reported over $5.63 billion in PlayStation gaming revenue as of Q1.

Is PlayStation 5 a sales success?

Absolutely. The PS5 sold 7.8 million units in its launch year – the highest first year sales of any PlayStation console. Total sales now exceed 38 million units.

How many PS1 consoles were sold?

As of March 2012, over 102.4 million original PlayStation consoles were sold between its launch in 1994 and end of production.

Which region buys the most PlayStation consoles?

Europe is Sony’s largest PlayStation market to date, with over 203 million total consoles sold there.

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