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Minecraft burst onto the gaming scene when it was created back in 2011. From a modest beginning of 140 million monthly active users in 2021, this number gradually increased to a sizeable 174 million as of 2022 – a 22% jump.

Its accessibility across PCs, consoles, and mobile devices paired with its vibrant, welcoming community make Minecraft appealing to players across all ages and backgrounds.

The statistics outlined below demonstrate Minecraft’s immense popularity and illuminating nature.


●   Nearly 240 million units of Minecraft have been sold since its release in 2011

●   The Pocket Edition sold 93 million units in 2021 alone

●   5.43 million copies were sold on Xbox One in 2020

●   174 million monthly active users logged on in 2024

●   The player base grew 25% amidst COVID-19

●   With over 3,000 servers, the US leads in Minecraft servers

●   54% of players between ages 3-12 are boys

●   The average Minecraft gamer age is 24

●   The world record for consecutive Minecraft gameplay is 38 hours

●   Minecraft YouTube videos exceeded 1 trillion
views in 2021

A Closer Look at 2024

With social simulation games comprising 65% of the market, it’s no surprise Minecraft remains atop the video game empire.

Over 500,000 gamers log onto Minecraft daily, and this number will likely continue rising thanks to streamers on YouTube and Twitch stoking interest.

Below we take a granular look at the statistics propelling Minecraft’s success and how it’s shaping the gaming trade.

Gamers can access Minecraft on computers, laptops, and mobile devices for on-the-go gameplay.

Sales and Revenue Statistics

Despite entering its second decade, Minecraft shows no signs of slowing down as it cements itself amongst the highest-grossing video games globally, with 174 million monthly players.

A Look At Minecraft By The Numbers In 2024

In 2021 alone, Minecraft pulled in $380 million in total revenue. Of that figure, $110 million (41%) stemmed from mobile gaming.

Let’s dig deeper into the data behind Minecraft’s earnings.

238 Million Units Sold

Developer Mojang shared that 238 million copies have been sold internationally since its inception in 2011.

Minecraft trails only behind Tetris as the second highest-selling video game ever, with Tetris moving 520 million

93 Million Pocket Edition Sales

Mojang Studios created Pocket Edition for handheld mobile gaming.

Pocket Edition has since been absorbed into the expansive Bedrock Edition alongside Xbox One Edition, PS4 Edition, etc.

Over 93 million copies of Pocket Edition were sold last year.

$99.62 Million Mobile Revenue in 2022

While 2022 mobile revenue saw a 58% year-over-year decrease, Minecraft mobile still managed to pull in $99.62 million. Early data shows 2024 is off to a promising start, tallying $49.51 million in mobile earnings as of August 2024.

Fans largely credit consistent content expansions and updates from Mojang for keeping engagement and sales afloat.

5.43 Million Xbox Units Sold

In just the first 8 months of 2020, Minecraft sold an impressive 5.43 million units globally on Xbox One.

Of that figure, 3.23 million units were sold in the US, alongside 1.71 million in Europe, and 490,000
units internationally.

Industry experts note surging gaming usage throughout the pandemic bolstered Minecraft Xbox One sales.

Player Demographics

Trends indicate boys outpace girls in Minecraft gameplay time. Additionally, research finds 98% of gamers are introduced to Minecraft via PlayStation.

Below we outline key player demographic statistics.

As gaming continues gaining legitimacy as a sport, high schools have begun organizing Minecraft eSports teams and hosting video game competitions.

A Look At Minecraft By The Numbers In 2024

174 Million Monthly Users

Minecraft has accumulated an impressive 174 million monthly active users globally since its launch in 2011. And that figure continues rising – as of January 2024, 22% growth was observed since August 2022.

Industry analysts credit consistent content expansions keeping gameplay dynamic and enticing new users.

25% User Growth Amid COVID-19

When COVID-19 began spreading globally in early 2020, Microsoft reported a 25% swell in new Minecraft players by April 2020. During this same period, total multiplayer sessions spiked 40%.

Microsoft’s Head of Minecraft Helen Chiang emphasized video games’ ability to unite players during trying times.

3,653 US Minecraft Servers

Minecraft server data indicates the US accounts for 56% of all servers internationally, with 3,653
American servers.

Industry experts note Minecraft’s English interface and America’s widespread internet access facilitated adoption.

Average Age: 15-21

Players aged 15-21 comprise the largest Minecraft demographic globally at 43%.

Users aged 22-30 trail at 21%, followed by ages 31-60 at 20%.

54% of Young Players Are Boys

Research conducted in Melbourne found that among boys and girls aged 3-12 playing Minecraft, 54% were boys, while girls comprised 32% of participants.

The gender gap widens amongst players 6-8 years old, with boys outpacing girls 68% to 32%.

Experts partially attribute societal gaming gender stereotypes to the imbalance.

Longest Session: 38 Hours

Alexandre Jouniaux holds the official world record for the longest Minecraft gaming marathon, clocking an impressive 38 hours and 1 second of consecutive Minecraft gameplay from June 5-7, 2021.

Jouniaux, from France, surpassed the prior record holder, American gamer Mark Walls-Sawchuck, who played for 35 hours and 40 minutes straight in 2016.

A Look At Minecraft By The Numbers In 2024

Fascinating Facts

Surprisingly, 11% of parents join their kids in Minecraft.

And studies show 98% of teachers have successfully used Minecraft across subjects, tapping into its ability to sharpen critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Below we detail additional captivating Minecraft statistics.

In recent years, Roblox has captured gamers’ attention – as of 2024 over 60 million users play Roblox daily. Check out our Roblox statistics for insights into its meteoric rise.

Initial Release: May 2009

While designing prototypes based on popular video games, Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson created “RubyDung” – a base-building title.

When discovering the game “Infiniminer,” Notch incorporated elements from its mining/building concept into RubyDung, fusing RPG components. The result was Minecraft.

May 17, 2009
marked Minecraft’s debut, with Persson releasing it on TIGSource (an indie game dev forum).

Official Launch: November 2011

Minecraft closed its alpha testing in June 2010 and entered beta by December. Mojang Studios formed around this time to provide infrastructure supporting growth.

The official 1.0 version eventual launched at MineCon 2011 (the annual Minecraft community event) on November 18, 2011.

Age Rating: 10+

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) deemed Minecraft inappropriate for kids under 10 years old due to mild fantasy violence.

Additional factors include online interactivity with strangers and in-game purchases enabling real-money spending.

Acquired by Microsoft: $2.5 Billion

On November 6, 2014, Microsoft purchased Mojang Studios and Minecraft intellectual property for $2.5 billion.

The landmark deal unlocked cross-platform scaling beyond Xbox and capturing new demographics.

A Look At Minecraft By The Numbers In 2024

When announced, Microsoft revealed Minecraft boasted 100 million PC downloads since inception.

Microsoft promised to uphold multi-platform accessibility across iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

In-Game Day = 20 Real Minutes

In Minecraft, time relies on “ticks” whereby 20 minutes IRL equals one full day/night cycle.


●   1 real-time second = 0.0138 game seconds

●   1 real-time minute = 0.93 game minutes

●   1 real-time hour = 50 game minutes

●   1 real-time day = 20 game hours

Additionally, Minecraft days/nights always remain equal durations (10 minutes each).

Education Edition Launch: 2016

Designed specifically for academic institutions, Microsoft’s Minecraft: Education Edition enables immersive learning using game-based lessons.

Key partners include NASA, BBC Earth, and the Nobel Peace Center.

Since 2016 over 35 million
students & teachers across 115 countries have used Education Edition.

Compulsory Swedish Classes

In 2013, Stockholm’s Viktor Rydberg school mandated Minecraft instruction for all 13-year-old students – culminating in a final project.

The 180 student participants honed digital citizenship, engineering, city planning, and problem analysis through creative tasks.

Officials stated the unconventional approach stimulated student imagination and engagement.

1 Trillion YouTube Views

Last year, Minecraft officially surpassed 1 trillion views on YouTube.

YouTube celebrated this as the most views ever recorded for a single video game IP on the platform.

Popular YouTube content spans building guides, tutorials, animations, commentary, roleplaying, and more. Over 35,000
creators from 150 countries fuel Minecraft’s YouTube dominance.

A Look At Minecraft By The Numbers In 2024

2012 Game of the Year

In 2012 the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers (NAVGTR) awarded Minecraft "Game of the Year"
status – besting top contender Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Minecraft famously clinched NAVGTR’s top honor without winning any other secondary awards.

And while no other accolades accompanied this achievement, Minecraft has racked up awards from other key video game publications over the past decade.

The Outlook

Gaming pundits agree Microsoft’s timely acquisition combined with unparalleled social buzz and ongoing content updates solidified Minecraft’s status as a cultural staple.

And with education institutions embracing Minecraft for its ability to creatively engage young minds, Minecraft fever will likely continue spreading globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Minecraft cost?

You can purchase Minecraft for $26.95 USD (rates vary locally). Discounted educational rates are available for schools and other academic outlets leveraging Minecraft instructionally.

Who owns Minecraft?

Mojang Studios originally created Minecraft, but Microsoft purchased the intellectual property back in 2014 for $2.5 billion.

How many people play Minecraft today?

Based on the most recent data, over 140 million gamers play Minecraft worldwide as of 2024.

How many Minecraft copies have been sold total?

While no 2024 sales data is available presently, Microsoft estimates over 238 million Minecraft units have been sold cumulatively– cementing its status as the 2nd highest-selling video game ever.

Is Fortnite more popular than Minecraft?

Comparatively, Fortnite touts more monthly players at 350 million, and higher annual earnings at $1.1 billion vs Minecraft’s $380 million.

However, Google Trends and Twitch engagement data finds Minecraft attracts more consistent search interest albeit less views than Fortnite.

A Look At Minecraft By The Numbers In 2024

And while Fortnite players have logged 10.4 million cumulative years playing, Minecraft totals a whopping 68 million years in combined gameplay hours.

Is Minecraft still popular in 2024?

Absolutely! Minecraft popularity shows no signs of slowing based on the continual upticks in sales, user bases increases, and strong revenue streams annually.

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