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Baseball has a language all its own, with many unique terms and phrases used to describe game play and strategy. For those new to the sport, this baseball glossary breaks down some key vocabulary into major categories:

Pitching Terms

Pitching is how a baseball game starts, with the pitcher throwing the ball to the batter. Here are some key pitching terms:

●   Balk: An illegal pitching move when runners are on base, allowing runners to advance.

●   Battery: The pitcher and catcher pairing.

●   Ace: The best starting pitcher on a team.

●   Closer: A relief pitcher who finishes close games by getting the final outs.

●   Southpaw: A left-handed pitcher.

●   Beanball: A pitch intentionally thrown to hit and hurt the batter.

●   Paint the Black: Hitting the edges of the strike zone with pitches.

Batting Terms

These terms describe the batter’s actions when facing the pitcher:

●   Base Hit: Safely reaching first base after hitting the ball fair.

●   Big Fly: A long home run.

●   Clear the Bases: Hitting a ball so all runners can score.

●   Bunt: Hitting the ball weakly without swinging to advance runners.

●   Corked Bat: An illegally modified bat that’s lighter to swing.

●   Blooper: A weakly hit ball that drops between defenders.

●   Home Run: Hitting the ball over the fence to score four runs.

Fielding Terms

Fielders try to get batters and runners out. Common fielding terms:

●   Error: A mistake by a fielder allowing a batter or runner to advance.

●   Double Play: Getting two outs from one hit ball.

●   Outfielder: A player in left, center or right field.

Baseball Terms A Full Glossary For Beginners

●   Infield Fly Rule: An automatic out when a popup is hit with runners on.

Running Terms

Running the bases is how runs are scored:

●   Stranded: Runners left on base at the end of an inning.

●   Scoring Position: Runners on 2nd or 3rd base.

●   Stolen Base: A runner advancing without the batter hitting the ball.

●   Pinch Runner: A fast runner substituted into the game.

Field Area Terms

The field itself has special terminology:

●   Infield: The diamond area containing the bases.

●   Outfield: The grassy area beyond the infield.

●   Batter’s Box: Where the batter stands when hitting.

●   On Deck: The area next to the batter.

●   Dugout: Where the teams sit when not actively playing.

General Baseball Terms

Some other common baseball vocabulary:

●   Backstop: The fence behind home plate.

●   Bullpen: The warm-up area for pitchers.

●   Ejected: Removed from the game by an umpire.

●   Gem: An outstanding defensive play.

●   In the Books: Game over, recorded in the records.

So there you have it – some key baseball terms and definitions to get familiar with. Watch a few games and see if you can pick up on more vocabulary. Soon you’ll be talking baseball lingo like a pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are baseball hitters called?

●   Hitters are called batters or batsmen.

What is a bad pitch called?

●   A "wild pitch" is badly thrown and gets past the catcher, allowing runners to advance.

What’s a home run over the fence called?

●   Common slang terms for home runs over the outfield fence include "big fly," "bomb," "dinger," "tater," and "going yard."

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