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Casinos are hugely popular destinations across much of the United States, drawing visitors from across the country and beyond. With so much money exchanging hands on the casino floor, it is natural for players to want to maximize their chances of winning. This is where an understanding of casino payout rates comes in handy.

In this comprehensive guide, we will be exploring casino payout percentages state-by-state. Read on for key insights into how to pick games and venues where the odds are ever in your favor.

Top-Rated Online Casinos for Player Rewards

While nothing quite compares to the bright lights and electric atmosphere of a land-based casino, internet-based platforms have some distinct advantages as well. With lower overheads, online casinos can afford to be more generous with their payouts.

We have compiled a list of our top-recommended online casinos based on their game variety, bonuses, security, reputation and, of course, payout rates:

●   DuckyLuck – Up to $2,500 welcome bonus + 150 free spins

●   SlotsandCasino – 300% deposit match up to $1,500 + 100 free spins

●   Wild Casino – $5,000 welcome package + 125 free spins on select slots

With so much value on offer, it makes sense to claim theserewards to stretch your bankroll further. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions first so you understand any wagering requirements.

How Venues and Volatility Affect Payouts

It is important to understand that not all games and venues are created equal when it comes to player rewards. Generally speaking, here is how it breaks down:

●   Online casinos have reduced operating expenses compared to land-based venues, enabling them to offer higher payouts in order to attract customers. Sportsbooks and poker sites also dish out bonuses more freely than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Casino Payouts Across The United States Making The Most Of Your Bets

●   However, the risk of running into scam sites is greater online as regulation is still catching up to the technology in many jurisdictions. Reputable licensing and third-party testing helps to mitigate this risk.

●   Land-based commercial and tribal casinos rely more on their destination appeal to draw visitors in. So incentives like free play credits, comps and loyalty programs may be more modest.

●   Cruise ship casinos
fall somewhere in between. Since they are only operational once the ship sets sail into international waters, they have freedom from state gambling regulations. Payouts can be volatile as a result.

Even on individual slot machines, volatility plays a major role in determining your short-term results. High variance slots deliver bigger wins less frequently, while low variance games provide smaller payouts more consistently.

Defining Return to Player (RTP)

One metric that is commonly used to gauge casino game payouts is Return to Player (RTP). Expressed as a percentage, this indicates how much of all wagers placed will be paid back to players over an extended period.

For example, if a slot machine is said to have an RTP of 94%, it suggests that for every $100 inserted into the game, $94 would be returned in winnings while $6 goes to the house edge. Sportsbooks and card rooms also cite theoretical RTPs for their various betting markets and poker variants.

It is vital to understand that RTP represents long-term projected results over tens of thousands – if not millions – of rounds rather than your personal outcomes over a single session. Lady Luck always plays a role after all!

With that context in mind, let us explore how RTPs vary from state to state…

Casino Payouts Across The United States Making The Most Of Your Bets

Casino Payouts by State

Gambling legislation is drafted at the state level, which translates into noticeable differences in betting terms, tax rates and payout percentages across the United States.

While Nevada and New Jersey are renowned globally as gambling meccas, other jurisdictions are less accommodating – if not downright hostility – towards casino gaming. Conservative states often have stricter regulations around gaming venues and lower payout rates as a result.

Tribal and online casinos add further complexity to the situation. The former are granted autonomy over gaming operations on Native American land, while internet casino legality tends to be assessed federally.

Keeping these caveats in mind, here is an overview of average casino payouts by state:


RTP Range

Top Cities



Victoryland, Greenetrack





Phoenix, Tucson



Hot Springs, West Memphis



Sacramento, Los Angeles

(Table continues for all 50 states)

There are a few key observations that stand out from analyzing this data:

●   As expected, traditional gambling states like Nevada, New Jersey and Mississippi have among the highest RTP averages. Competition for tourism dollars incentivizes their casinos to offer superior value.

●   Washington, DC is something of an outlier with its unusually high payout rates. This reflects lobbying efforts to legalize sports betting in the nation’s capital.

●   States where casino gaming is restricted to riverboats and racinos – like Iowa and Indiana – tend to be less generous. Limited competition enables venues to get away with reduced RTPs.

Casino Payouts Across The United States Making The Most Of Your Bets

●   Theprobabilities are usually most favourable in states like Colorado
and Illinois that permit both commercial and Native American casinos.

●   Hawaii, Utah, Tennessee and Vermont prohibit all traditional casino gaming – no wonder their payout percentages are non-applicable!

While these numbers illustrate general trends, there will always be exceptions to the rule. Let’s zero in on America’s gambling capital Las Vegas to showcase this phenomenon…

Las Vegas: The City of Slot Machine Dreams

With over 150,000 slot machines spread across the city and approximately 40 million visitors per year, Las Vegas is synonymous with casino gaming. Its iconic Strip is home to larger-than-life resort complexes housing expansive gaming floors, celebrity chef restaurants, nightclubs and more.

Famous names like Caesars Palace, The Bellagio, MGM Grand and Wynn Las Vegas compete aggressively for customer attention in Sin City. Offering superior slot machine payouts is one way to entice bettors.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board breaks down Las Vegas slot machine RTPs by area:


Coin Value








The Strip

Coin Value








Boulder Strip

Coin Value








North Las Vegas

Coin Value








The Boulder Strip emerges as the clear winner here for offering superior slot payouts to customers. However, there is no guarantee that these projected rates translate evenly across all casinos in that zone. Doing a bit of individual venue research beforehand can prove lucrative.

Casino Payouts Across The United States Making The Most Of Your Bets

Online Casinos: Convenience, Bonuses and Higher RTPs

While land-based casinos hold sentimental value for many gamblers, internet-based betting opens up a whole new world of possibilities:

– Online casinos allow you to enjoy thousands of slots, table games and sports betting markets from the comfort of home 24/7. No air travel or hotel stays required!

Anonymity – You can gamble discreetly online without fear of being spotted by someone you know personally in a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Bonuses & Rewards – Internet gaming sites offer extremely competitive signup deals and loyalty schemes to attract customers in a crowded market. Land casinos have less incentive to compete as aggressively.

Game Variety
– Without space constraints, virtual casinos can host exponentially more game titles across every genre – slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and more!

Higher RTPs – Reduced operating expenses enables the best online casinos to return more money to players while still recording healthy profits. Their payout percentages tend to run anywhere from 2 to 7% higher on average.

As long as you exercise due diligence in researching site reputability before signing up, online casinos represent exceptional value for money. Powered by convenience and cutting-edge technology, internet gaming is the future.

Making the Most of Casino Payouts

Understanding differences in projected payout rates – whether at downtown Vegas casinos or tribal gaming reserves – is only half the battle. Making informed betting choices and adopting proven slot machine strategies will also amplify your prospect of leaving the casino with stuffed pockets rather than empty ones!

Here are our top 5 tips for boosting your payout potential:

Casino Payouts Across The United States Making The Most Of Your Bets

1. Review Return to Player (RTP) Stats – Identify games with inherently better built-in house edges before playing. Table games like craps, baccarat and blackjack tend to offer higher average payouts than roulette or slots.

2. Claim Bonuses & Rewards – Stack signup bonuses, free play credits, comps points and more to maximize the value derived from your deposits. Just ensure you grasp bonus terms first.

3. Manage Your Money – Establish a fixed gambling budget for each session and stick to it. Quit while you are ahead and resist chasing losses. Take regular breaks too.

4. Pick Lower Variance Games – Less volatile casino games provide smaller but more consistent payouts session-to-session. Ideal for casual gambling.

5. Gamble Online – Internet casinos offer better transparency around RTP percentages plus greater opportunities to claim bonuses and rewards that positively impact your bottom line.

Gambling involves risk – and lots of it. No gaming strategy can alter this reality. Our guidance is focused on tipping luck’s scales slightly more in your favor but does not guarantee you will finish ahead. Proceed responsibly based on your personal risk tolerance!


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about casino payout rates across America:

What is the payout rate for Native American tribal casinos?

Tribal casinos are exempt from publically reporting gaming statistics like slot machine payouts. However, they must comply with minimum RTPs set at the state level. Expect player returns comparable to commercial casinos.

Which states have the overall highest paying casinos?

Nevada and New Jersey stand out for offering superior slot machine and table game odds. Joining the major gambling destinations on the podium are Colorado, Illinois and Mississippi thanks to healthy competition between venue types.

Casino Payouts Across The United States Making The Most Of Your Bets

Does one casino game payout considerably better than others?

Statistically, certain blackjack variants provide the most favourable odds by enabling skilled application of strategy. Otherwise, innovative slot machine titles like Ugga Bugga can reach sky-high RTPs nearing 100% thanks to generous bonus features.

In the end, novices and casual players stand the best chance of securing reliable winnings from less volatile casino games. Understanding differences in variance is key. Opting for table games that rely on skill rather than just chance alone will further tip the odds in your favour.

The Final Takeaway

While most states permit some form of regulated casino gambling, their gaming regulations – and subsequent payout rates – vary wildly. Doing diligent research beforehand enables you to pinpoint the most rewarding casinos and games.

Internet betting sites deserve special mention for offering convenience, anonymity and superior transparency around expected payouts. Their reduced operating costs also allow online platforms to return more money to players – to the tune of 2-7% higher on average.

Leverage our state-by-state overview of player returns as a baseline guide, but don’t rely completely on projected averages. Volatility, bonuses and effective betting strategies also impact your personal results on any given gambling session.

The most profitable players consistently make knowledge-based decisions and practice responsible gambling habits. Master these basics and casino payouts will take care of themselves!

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