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Football, also called soccer, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved sports in the world. With billions of fans spanning across continents, it has cemented itself as a celebrated global spectacle that intertwines itself within cultures and economies worldwide.

In 2024 alone, the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar amassed a jaw-dropping 1.5 billion viewers tuning in. Additionally, the tournament garnered around 5 billion engagements on social media and digital platforms, indicative of its far-reaching influence.

In this comprehensive article, we dive into the viewership statistics that underscore football’s monumental popularity across diverse demographics. From average viewing figures of renowned leagues to audience profiles, these insightful metrics highlight why football continues to reign as the beautiful game.


●   The 2018 FIFA World Cup finals attracted 517 million live viewers globally

●   63% of football fans are male

●   Football ranks #1 globally regarding popularity

●   A Premier League clash between Arsenal and Manchester United pulled 2.3 million U.S. viewers

●   Bundesliga’s return after the COVID-19 hiatus drew over 5 million viewers

●   Up to 2.8 billion viewers worldwide tuned into La Liga’s 2019-2020 season

●   Lionel Messi’s Ligue 1 debut with PSG broke viewing records in France with over 10.5 million watching

Average Football Viewership Figures

The consistently stellar viewership metrics of football come as no surprise given its impassioned global fanbase. Here are some vital statistics that underscore the sport’s monumental reach:

●   The 2018 World Cup finals garnered an average live audience of 517 million viewers globally. This includes 884 million tuning in via TV and another 232 million watching through online streaming or public viewing events.

Fascinating Football Viewership Statistics In 2024

●   An average of 16.8 million U.S. viewers tuned into the 2022 World Cup finals between Argentina and France. The English and Spanish broadcast marked the most-streamed football match ever in the U.S.

●   La Liga saw a 26% increase in domestic viewership in 2021-2022, averaging around 301,000 viewers per match broadcast. As expected, El Clasico clashes between Barcelona and Real Madrid were the most-watched fixtures.

●   During the 2016 Copa America Centenario, matches averaged 3.1 million U.S. viewers over 32 games. The final between Chile and Argentina peaked at a record 6.8 million viewers.

●   The 2019 AFC Asian Cup averaged 12,633 attendees per match over 51 fixtures across seven stadiums. The India versus UAE clash saw a peak of 43,206 spectators.

●   The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup recorded 1.12 billion global viewers, with a 17.27 million average live audience per match.

Football Fan Demographics

Football fandom intersects various demographics spanning age, gender, and ethnicity. These statistics provide perspective:

●   63% of football fans are male, while 37% are female, according to 2022 research

●   Over 80% of U.S. fans have played football previously or still play recreationally

●   Football ranks #1 regarding global popularity
with an estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide

●   The average age of American football fans is 35 years

●   Around 13% of the U.S. population comprises female football fans

●   60% of U.S. fans are white, while 27% are Hispanic, and 9% are black

●   One-third of fans prefer watching highlights over full 90-minute games

Viewership Metrics by League

Fascinating Football Viewership Statistics In 2024

As a truly global sport, professional football has permeated leagues and associations worldwide. The viewership statistics below demonstrate the influence of some of the most prominent:

●   The English Premier League garnered 3.2 billion global viewers
during 2018-2019, with a 6% increase from the previous season

●   The EPL made history during 2021-2022 by airing all 380 matches live
in the UK for the first time

●   8 of the EPL’s 10 most-watched games occurred in 2021-2022, with multiple matches surpassing 4 million viewers

●   Between 2018-2021, EPL viewership on NBC Sports averaged around 445,000 U.S. viewers per season

●   An EPL clash between Arsenal and Manchester United attracted 2.3 million U.S. viewers across NBC platforms

●   The German Bundesliga saw over 5 million viewers return to screens after the league’s pandemic-enforced hiatus

●   Lionel Messi’s Ligue 1 debut led to record viewing figures in France (10.5 million) and Spain (2.2 million average)

●   La Liga reached 2.8 billion global viewers
in 2019-2020, representing an 11.5% increase from the previous season

Pay-Per-View and Sponsorship Revenue

The metrics below demonstrate football’s profitable commercial appeal through broadcast rights and sponsorship deals:

●   The Premier League generates around £5.5 billion annually, with £3.1 billion stemming from TV broadcasting rights

●   FIFA earned $7.6 billion in revenue between 2019-2022, including $3.4 billion from TV rights

●   The 20 highest-earning football clubs accumulated €9.2 billion in 2021-2022

●   The English Premier League contributes €5.5 billion to the European "Big Five" leagues

Fascinating Football Viewership Statistics In 2024

●   Over 60% of U.S. fans express willingness to pay over $20 monthly for football streaming subscriptions

Final Whistle

Based on viewership statistics crossing the thousands, millions, and billions – football has galvanized itself as a truly global phenomenon. Its influence spans vast demographics as it continues to captivate fans worldwide as a beautiful game.

Whether attending live matches in roaring stadiums, tuning in from home, or playing recreationally – football’s appeal endures as a unifying force. The metrics underscore why it retains the top spot regarding popularity across the world.

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