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Australia is often characterized as a nation of gamblers. With over 6.8 million adults identifying as regular gamblers, it’s easy to see why. Gambling is deeply ingrained into Australian culture, from betting on horse races to playing poker machines at the local pub.

In this article, we take a data-driven look at gambling statistics across Australia to understand who gambles, how much money is involved, the rise of online betting, issues around problem gambling, and the size of the gambling industry.


●   Australians lost a total of $25 billion on gambling in 2020

●   Online gambling revenue grew 8% from 2020 to 2022

●   15% of Australians gamble online weekly, while 2% do so multiple times daily

●   Sports betting accounts for 45% of regular gamblers’ spending

●   There are over 4,800 gambling venues across Australia

●   64.9% of problem gamblers are male

Total Gambling Losses in Australia

On the whole, Australians lost a staggering $25 billion on gambling in 2020. That puts the average gambling loss per Australian adult at $1,277 for the year.

To put into perspective how much money is flowing through Australian gambling, that loss figure means:

●   Australians lose more money gambling per capita than any other country

●   If gambling losses were an industry, they would represent 1.5% of Australia’s GDP

With huge sums like that being wagered and lost, it’s no wonder Australia has developed an international reputation as a nation of gamblers.

The Growth of Online Gambling

While venues like casinos, tracks, pubs and clubs have long facilitated gambling in Australia, online betting has seen rapid growth recently. Revenue from online gambling grew by 8% from 2020 to 2022.

Gambling In Australia 27 Statistics On A Nation Of Bettors

Some key statistics about online gambling in Australia:

●   11% of Australians participated in online gambling over a 6-month period in 2022

●   22.7% bet online using their mobile phones in 2018, up from just 5.6% in 2012

●   The number of Australians making online bets doubled from 15.7% in 2012 to 34.1% in 2018

●   Online gambling revenue is forecast to grow at 7.09% per year through 2028

●   10.1% of Australians played online lotteries in 2019, the most popular form of online gambling

The ease of access and constantly-evolving offerings like live betting make online gambling hugely convenient. With smartphone ownership continuing to increase in Australia, expect online betting participation to keep rising.

Sports Betting in Australia

Combining Australians’ love of sports and betting, it’s no surprise that sports betting is hugely popular. In 2015, over half a million Australian adults gambled on sports regularly.

Some key figures on sports betting:

●   Sports betting makes up 45% of regular gamblers’ spending

●   The amount lost on sports betting grew by 80% between 2019 and 2021

●   88% of regular sports bettors are men aged 18-49

●   Australians account for 16% of the global eSports betting market

The majority of sports betting now happens online, allowing fans to more easily support their teams while having a financial stake in the outcome.

With lucrative advertising and mobile apps making access easy, expect sports betting’s popularity in Australia to keep rising.

Physical Gambling Venues

While online gambling garners lots of attention recently, physical venues facilitating gambling remain pillars of Australia’s gambling culture. These include hotels, clubs, casinos and race tracks across the country.

Gambling In Australia 27 Statistics On A Nation Of Bettors

Some key figures on physical gambling venues in Australia:

●   There are over 4,800 gambling venues located across Australia

●   Spending on gaming machines was 290% higher per capita than on casinos in 2020

●   48.6% of Western Australians bought lottery or scratch tickets in 2018

●   Over 50% of elderly Australians bought lottery/scratch tickets in a 3-month period

The ubiquity of gambling venues and long-standing cultural acceptance of gambling as entertainment has firmly entrenched gambling into Australian society.

Problem Gambling

While most Australians who gamble do so recreationally without major problems, gambling addiction remains an issue affecting hundreds of thousands of people:

●   Approximately 1.1 million Australians experienced gambling-related problems in 2017

●   64.9% of problem gamblers are male

●   Problem gamblers from low-income households bet 27% of their income

●   29.8% of problem gamblers took part in 3 or more forms of gambling simultaneously

Problem gambling can severely impact mental health, relationships and financial situations. As gambling options and addiction support vary by state, a national framework has been called for to address problem gambling country-wide.

The Size of the Gambling Industry

With over $25 billion in gambling losses occurring in Australia every year, gambling is a massive industry. Two stats demonstrating its scale:

●   The gambling industry contributed $420 million to Australia’s GDP in 2022

●   Tabcorp, Australia’s largest gambling company, reported $5.6 billion in revenue in 2021

Australia’s thirst for gambling provides opportunities for gaming companies and venues while also creating social impacts for individuals and communities. With online betting continuing strong growth, the size of Australia’s gambling industry shows no signs of decreasing.

Gambling In Australia 27 Statistics On A Nation Of Bettors


There’s no doubt Australians love to gamble across sports, racing, casino games, lotteries and more. With participation increasing and more gambling happening online every year, expect the above statistics to keep rising.

While most Australians who gamble do so responsibly, problem gambling remains an issue that deserves attention and support.

Overall, with gambling firmly cemented into Australian culture for the foreseeable future, players, policymakers and the public will continue navigating this complex social phenomenon.

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