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Poker is more than just a game of chance. Success requires developing essential skills and strategies to outplay your opponents. In the past, many serious players relied on books or private coaching to improve their game. Today, aspiring poker sharks can access a wealth of training resources online to take their play to the next level.

With the sheer number of options now available, finding the right poker training site or course is no easy task. To help streamline your search, we have thoroughly reviewed some of the most popular training platforms based on quality, value, and overall effectiveness for players at all skill levels. Read on for our picks of the top poker training sites and courses that are definitely worth your time and money.

The Best Poker Training Sites

These membership sites give you access to a deep well of training content, community features, and learning tools to build your poker prowess over time through consistent study and practice.

Upswing Poker

Founded in 2015, Upswing Poker has rapidly become one of the most popular poker training platforms, offering members free access to articles, quizzes, and basic training content. For more in-depth learning, they provide paid video courses starting at just $7 per month and taught by high-profile players like Doug Polk and Nick Petrangelo.

Key Features:

โ—   Top instructors breaking down winning strategies

โ—   Community forums and group coaching options

โ—   Targeted training for cash games, tournaments, and more

โ—   Interactive tools to practice concepts and track progress

With top-notch training content that evolves over time, Upswing Poker is a smart choice for motivated students at all skill levels. The affordable pricing also makes it one of the best values out there.

Mastering Poker The Top Training Sites And Courses For 2024

Advanced Poker Training

In operation since 2007, Advanced Poker Training is a long-standing training site run by expert players Steve and Alan Blay. One major highlight is their Poker Training Game that lets members practice against computer opponents in simulated cash games and tournaments.

Key Features:

โ—   Extensive video instruction covering core strategy concepts

โ—   Poker Training Game to practice ideas in a risk-free environment

โ—   Member blogs and forums to exchange ideas and get feedback

โ—   Regular site updates and new training content

For a monthly fee, Advanced Poker Training provides a wealth of structured learning content bolstered by community discussions and built-in practice features to accelerate real-world skills.

Raise Your Edge

Raise Your Edge gives members access to elite training programs designed by some of poker's biggest stars. Built around the concept of guided education, students enroll in structured courses with set curriculums to take their game to new competitive levels.

Key Features:

โ—   Top instructors like Fedor Holz and Faraz Jaka

โ—   Community atmosphere with group discussions

โ—   Tournament, cash game, and mixed game training options

โ—   Course bundles available for hardcore training

While pricing runs higher for access to its star-studded instructor lineup, Raise Your Edge offers some of the most rigorous, specialized poker training available to take experienced players into the big leagues.


Originally from Australia but now Japan-based, PokerNerve excels at providing focused, step-by-step training for winning online and live tournaments. Members gain access to free content as well as paid video courses covering core concepts and advanced strategies based on player type and skill level.

Mastering Poker The Top Training Sites And Courses For 2024

Key Features:

โ—   Strong focus on improving tournament play

โ—   Specific training pathways by skill level

โ—   Detailed course outlines and structured learning

โ—   Affordable pricing for lifetime access

With highly targeted learning tracks aligned to each player's needs, PokerNerve makes levelling up your tournament game simple and accessible for newcomers and veterans alike.

Red Chip Poker

The expert coaching team at Red Chip Poker aims to arm students with the knowledge to play smarter, more analytical poker through their comprehensive training program. For just $5 per week, members get access to hundreds of instructional videos plus community forums for exchanging ideas and getting feedback.

Key Features:

โ—   Huge library of training videos

โ—   "CORE" and "Crash" courses on key concepts

โ—   Community forums and group coaching

โ—   Podcasts, articles, and quizzes

Red Chip Poker offers tremendous value with around-the-clock access to tons of structured learning content and community features to workshop ideas with peers and coaches.

The Best Poker Training Courses

For more guided, intensive training, specialized online courses are a smart option. Taught by poker luminaries at sites like Udemy and MasterClass, these programs walk you step-by-step through the critical skills and strategies needed to elevate your poker prowess.

Poker Classes by Daniel Negreanu – MasterClass

Over nearly 8 hours of video lectures, six-time WSOP bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu breaks down his approach to winning poker. Covering basics for beginners along with advanced concepts for experienced players, Negreanu's course provides first-hand insight into the mind of one of poker's all-time greats.

Mastering Poker The Top Training Sites And Courses For 2024

Key Features:

โ—   Elite instructor with decades of high-stakes experience

โ—   Concepts explained for various skill levels

โ—   Review of Negreanu's most famous hands

โ—   30-day refund policy from MasterClass

Poker enthusiasts at any level can gain tremendous strategic value from learning directly from Daniel Negreanu in this engaging, information-packed course.

Essential Poker Math for No Limit Holdem – Udemy

Understanding poker math fundamentals is vital to making better decisions and accurate assessments when money is on the line. Through 10+ hours of video content, coach and player Alton Hardin teaches members how to leverage key mathematical concepts to elevate their cash game prowess.

Key Features:

โ—   Clarifies key poker math concepts

โ—   Step-by-step examples and exercises

โ—   Formula breakdowns and practical applications

โ—   Lifetime access to course materials

For cash game enthusiasts looking to think more mathematically, Alton Hardin's comprehensive course helps turn poker math from intimidating to an indispensable weapon in your strategy arsenal.

Spin & Go Preflop Strategy Crash Course – Udemy

Aspiring Spin & Go sharks will eat up this focused preflop training course. Through 2+ hours of video lectures, members learn how to leverage key preflop concepts and game situations to build big stacks and maximize ROI in these fast-paced poker format.

Key Features:

โ—   Advanced concepts and strategies for Spin & Go tournaments

โ—   Easy-to-use preflop charts

โ—   Step-by-step concept breakdowns

โ—   Beginner-friendly teaching approach

With expert techniques tailored to spin and go tournaments, this affordable course packages all the preflop knowledge you need to start dominating the felt in these wildly popular poker games.

Mastering Poker The Top Training Sites And Courses For 2024

Poker Strategy Class by Phil Ivey – MasterClass

Considered by many to be the world’s best all-around poker player, Phil Ivey brings his elite techniques and strategic approach to life through this popular MasterClass course. Offering nearly 3 hours of video content, Ivey gives members a look inside how he tackles poker decisions to stay on top over the long run.

Key Features:

โ—   Direct access to Phil Ivey's strategic mindset

โ—   Concepts and theories explained in detail

โ—   Overview of key tactics and considerations

โ—   Suitable for all skill levels

Gain invaluable perspective into the thought processes and strategies Phil Ivey uses to outthink opponents by learning directly from this poker icon in an engaging training course that delivers tremendous strategic value.

Conquer Micro Stakes Poker – Udemy

A favourite training course among serious small stakes poker enthusiasts, this intermediate-advanced course delivers a wealth of concepts and strategies for translating skills into cold hard profits at the lower limits.

Key Features:

โ—   Advanced theories and concepts for micro stakes

โ—   Developing tough player strategies

โ—   Exploiting common opponent tendencies

โ—   Not ideal for beginners

Backed by stellar student reviews, this course packages everything aspiring poker sharks need to start schooling weaker opposition on their way to conquering the micro stakes arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is poker difficult to learn?

Learning basic poker rules is quite simple. However, developing real skill and becoming an expert-level player requires substantial time and effort through hands-on play, study, failures, and growth. Top training platforms make the learning process easier via structured education.

What is poker strategy?

Poker strategy encompasses the various theories, concepts, and decision-making processes that players utilize across different poker formats to maximize wins and minimize losses. It draws on mathematical fundamentals, psychological elements, experience gained over time, and much more.

What poker format is best for beginners?

For beginners still getting comfortable with basic rules and gameplay, Texas Hold'em is widely considered the best poker game to start with. Fast-paced with simple rules and mechanics, Hold'em helps new players rapidly pick up key strategic fundamentals that translate across poker formats.

The Winning Edge

Today's wealth of poker training sites and tailored courses offer structured learning pathways to accelerate your skill development dramatically compared to the old days of pure self-study. For newcomers and veterans alike, quality training makes mastering winning poker strategy far more efficient by leveraging world-class player insights rather than purely trial and error.

While options abound today, we have narrowed down some of the most effective poker training solutions guaranteed to equip your game with an extra edge against tough competition at any limit. With so many avenues to build your knowledge and practice new-found skills, the path to poker excellence has never been more accessible. So why not check out some of today's top training options and get stacked for success? The poker riches await!

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