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Bingo halls can be vast, housing nearly 2,000 players across 100,000 square feet of space. With so much chatter and activity, players often struggle to hear the Bingo caller announcing the letters and numbers. This led to the creation of Bingo lingo – codenames used to quickly identify the numbers being called.

Far from standard phonetics, Bingo calls are fun, witty phrases that fill the hall with laughter and excitement. Whether you play live or online, Bingo lingo is commonly used across all platforms.

Below we detail some of the most popular Bingo calls, comparing British and American versions, along with the origins of this unique gaming language.

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14 Funny and Witty Bingo Calls

Beyond knowing the rules, dedicated Bingo players remember the lingo for numbers 1-90. These witty nicknames add excitement, helping players stay engaged. The calls are popular with the new generation of online players too.

1. Fat Lady’s Singing (Number 8)

A rather unflattering visual of an overweight woman. Refers to the number 8 shape.

2. Legs Eleven (Number 11)

Resembles a pair of legs. Often met with howls and whistles when called.

3. Cupid’s Special Day (Number 14)

Valentine’s day falls on February 14th.

4. Finally Free (Number 21)

When children turn 21, parents often give them a house key, symbolic of their newfound independence.

5. Quarter Life Crisis (Number 40)

"Life begins at forty" as the saying goes.

The Comprehensive Guide To Bingo Lingo And Nicknames

6. Time to Get the Party Started (Number 41)

If life begins at 40, then at 41 it’s time to start having some fun!

7. We’ve Got a Drooper! (Number 44)

Looks like loose drooping trousers.

8. Beep Beep! (Number 53)

References Herbie, the VW Beetle from the Disney movie of the same name. The crowd responds with beeps when 53 is called.

9. Off to Brighton! (Number 59)

Brighton line train number 59. Also, Brighton telephone numbers start with 59.

10. Looks Like Grandma’s Getting Lucky! (Number 60)

The average age when UK women retire.

11. Time for the Armchair (Number 65)

The typical male retirement age in Britain.

12. Any Way You Spin It (Number 69)

The numbers ambiguously face each other…one of the more provocative calls!

13. Just One More for Good Luck (Number 79)

A counting joke – only one number away from 80.

14. Gandhi’s Breakfast (Number 80)

A pun playing on the idea that Gandhi ate (8) nothing (0).

American vs British Bingo Calls

Despite the common goal of matching called numbers to win, American and British Bingo have different rules, variations, and calls.

Common British Bingo Calls

Bingo lingo in Britain has long cultural roots, having existed since the 1500s across Europe. Calls often reference history and military culture.

Kelly’s Eye (Number 1)

Refers to Ned Kelly’s helmet which famously had just one eye slot.

Downing Street (Number 10)

The Prime Minister’s official office and residence.

Half a Crown, Pick ‘n’ Mix, Bed and Breakfast (Number 26)

Historical pricing references – what you could purchase for that amount.

Dirty Gertie (Number 30)

Rhymes with 30 in a rather inappropriate way!

Get Up and Run! (Number 31)

Military drill sergeants would shout this after making soldiers do 30 push-ups.

Halfway There! (Number 45)

The Comprehensive Guide To Bingo Lingo And Nicknames

The midpoint in the standard 90-number British Bingo game.

Was She Worth It? (Number 65)

References the 65 shilling cost of a UK marriage license. The crowd often responds "Every penny!"

End of the Line (Number 90)

The final number called in British Bingo.

In a State (Number 28) and Christmas Cake (Number 38)

Rhyming slang used by London’s Cockney speakers.

Popular American Bingo Nicknames

Reflecting pop culture, American Bingo calls constantly evolve with the times.

YOLO! (Number 1)

"You only live once" featured in many early 2010s pop songs.

Say Cheese! (Number 9)

References selfie photo culture and Kim Kardashian’s love of capturing moments.

Heels by Jimmy Choo (Number 32)

Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite luxury shoe brand.

Get Your Kicks! (Number 66)

Famous Route 66 highway stretching 2,448 miles from Chicago to LA.

That’s a Nice Asset! (Number 71)

References gossip surrounding Jennifer Lopez insuring her famous butt.

We Have a Winner! (Number 75)

The final number called in standard American Bingo.

The Evolution of Bingo Lingo

With the shift towards online Bingo, the language used continues changing. While some old-fashioned calls endure, new phrases also emerge. By practicing the modern lingo alongside traditional calls, players can fully immerse themselves in the buoyant Bingo community spirit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the more risqué Bingo calls?

Some more provocative calls include "Droopy Drawers" (44), "Dirty Knee" (33), and the sexually ambiguous "Any Way Up" (69).

When did Bingo first become a game?

Bingo originated in 16th century Italy as Il Giuco del Lotto d’Italiano. The French adopted it as Le Lotto before spreading across Europe.

The Comprehensive Guide To Bingo Lingo And Nicknames

When was online Bingo invented?

The first online Bingo sites emerged in 2003. This paved the way for technological innovations like auto-daubing virtual Bingo cards.

So whether you prefer traditional hall Bingo or modern online versions, knowing the lingo and calls is an essential part of enjoying the experience fully!

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