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The National Football League has captivated fans for over a century with larger-than-life heroes accomplishing feats on the gridiron that seemed unimaginable. We’ve witnessed stunning upsets, unbelievable comebacks, perfect seasons, and shattering of barriers once thought unbreakable.

In compiling this report, we dove into the NFL’s extensive historical archives to unearth some of the most significant and jaw-dropping records ever achieved. While reviewing these marks, one truth became abundantly clear – the legends who established these benchmarks played the game at an elevated level compared to their peers. Their relentless will to win and supreme skill catapulted them into the pantheon of all-time greats.

So let’s explore some of the NFL’s most revered records and the icons who had the talent and determination to etch their names in the league’s record books.

Only One Team with a Perfect Season

A "perfect season" of going undefeated and untied throughout the regular season and playoffs remains professional football’s most elusive accomplishment. In over a century of competition, only Don Shula’s 1972 Miami Dolphins achieved perfection across an entire campaign.

The ’72 Dolphins entered the season having lost Super Bowl VI to Dallas the previous year. Miami raced out to a 14-0 start before defeating the Giants in the title game to complete their flawless 17-0 run. While not laden with superstars, the Dolphins featured a gritty pack of veterans who embodied their head coach’s fiery, competitive drive. Their "No-Name Defense" stifled opponents while 38-year-old Earl Morrall ably filled in during quarterback Bob Griese’s midseason injury.

Miami’s unblemished record grows more astounding as the decades pass. In an age of greater parity and specialization, we may never witness another faultless season. Don Shula and the ’72 Dolphins stand alone in having conquered every foe during one glorious campaign.

The Greatest Nfl Records And The Legends Who Made History

Jerry Rice’s Astounding Receiving Marks

Wide receiver Jerry Rice’s exploits left such an impression he is considered by many to be football’s greatest player regardless of position. His preternatural work ethic combined with reliable hands and elite athleticism allowed Rice to smash nearly every career receiving record over 20 illustrious seasons.

Rice retired owning every major career mark for receptions (1,549), receiving yards (22,895), and receiving touchdowns (197). He also produced an NFL-record 14 seasons with 1,000+ yards. Quarterbacks eagerly sought to connect with Rice, knowing he would consistently create separation and secure anything thrown his way.

While Rice earned induction into the Hall of Fame on his first ballot in 2010, many of his records once deemed unbreakable are now under assault. However, Rice’s body of work places him firmly atop the pantheon of wide receivers. No player has influenced the evolution of the position more than Jerry Rice.

Emmitt Smith Rushed His Way into Record Books

The power, vision, balance and determination of running back Emmitt Smith carried him to the top of NFL’s all-time rushing charts. Smith burst onto the scene as a first-round pick of the Dallas Cowboys in 1990 after an All-American career at the University of Florida.

He immediately became the featured back on a loaded Cowboys squad that won three Super Bowls over four seasons from 1992-1995. Smith led the NFL in rushing all four campaigns, garnering league MVP honors in 1993 after scoring 22 touchdowns.

When Smith finally retired after the 2004 season at age 35, he had eclipsed the great Walter Payton as the rushing king with 18,355 yards. He also produced a record 11 seasons with 1,000+ rushing yards and his 164 rushing touchdowns remain an NFL best. Both marks underline the unprecedented productivity and longevity of Emmitt Smith’s groundbreaking career.

The Greatest Nfl Records And The Legends Who Made History

Brady Becoming the Undisputed GOAT

Quarterback Tom Brady accumulated so many league records during an unfathomable 23-year career he is now widely considered the sport’s greatest player ever. The 199th overall pick in the 2000 draft out of Michigan, Brady ultimately shined brighter on the game’s biggest stages to deliver seven Super Bowl titles.

Along this unfathomably successful journey, Brady has stamped his name atop almost every major career passing category. He holds league marks for passing touchdowns (649), passing yards (97,569), regular season wins (274), postseason wins (37), Super Bowl MVPs (5) and nearly every other imaginable metric for quarterbacks.

Having outpaced Brees, Manning, Montana and the rest of the field chasing him during a two-decade tour de force, Tom Brady stands alone as the unquestioned greatest of all-time. Most experts believe Brady’s staggering career records may never be surpassed.

Perfect Dolphins & Dominant Patriots

While individual players like Rice, Smith and Brady rewrote record books largely through supreme personal effort, NFL history also features iconic teams rising together to make their mark.

We highlighted Don Shula’s unbeaten 1972 Dolphins earlier as the only perfect season. From an organizational standpoint, Shula fostered an atmosphere of togetherness and perseverance that pushed his teams to perform at their peak when it mattered most. Miami reached five Super Bowls over Shula’s 26 years at the helm, though the ’72 squad remains their crowning glory.

In contrast, Bill Belichick’s 21st century New England Patriots prioritized innovation, game-planning and role specialization en route to their dynastic run. Behind Belichick’s brilliant defensive schemes and Brady’s bold offensive strikes, the Patriots played in nine Super Bowls over 18 seasons, winning six.

The Greatest Nfl Records And The Legends Who Made History

Both the 1972 Dolphins and recent Patriots earned their exalted places in history by fielding complete teams that outclassed and outworked opponents when titles were on the line. Their legendary coaches and numerous All-Pro players produced seasons still discussed today as models of achievement through coordination and execution.

Dickerson’s Electric 2,105 Yard Campaign

While Emmitt Smith owns the career rushing record, Eric Dickerson still possesses one of the NFL’s most cherished single-season running marks with 2,105 yards in 1984. The 6’3" Dickerson combined speed, power and agility into an unstoppable package no defense solved in ’84. He shattered OJ Simpson’s vaunted 2,003 yard record set back in 1973 through a series of breathtaking sprints and weaving cutbacks.

Dickerson terrorized the league from his first carry as a rookie sensation with the 1983 Los Angeles Rams. He followed it up the next year by exceeding 100 yards rushing 12 times, including a record-breaking 275 yard outburst vs Dallas on Thanksgiving. Dickerson was simply uncontainable in his epic ’84 run through defenses to a record likely to stand for generations.

Rice’s 1,934 Yard Receiving Masterpiece

We previously covered Jerry Rice’s career receiving marks – but his best single season also warrants mention for its unprecedented production. Rice’s explosive 1,934 yards in 1995 surpassed a high-water mark set by Isaac Bruce that lasted less than a season. Rice achieved this astounding number through his signature silky routes and feathery soft hands while playing at an advanced age of 33.

With stalwarts Steve Young and Ricky Watters rounding out perhaps the best 49ers squad of their era, Rice terrorized secondaries by gliding past outmatched cornerbacks. He posted at least 150 yards receiving seven different outings and twice exceeded 200 yards. Every defense tried everything to slow Rice down without success, making his 1995 tour de force one for the ages.

The Greatest Nfl Records And The Legends Who Made History

Gritty Pats Fight to 6 Titles

Seeking to match the Steelers’ league-best six Vince Lombardi Trophies, Bill Belichick’s Patriots embarked on an improbable nine Super Bowl runs over 18 seasons. While Belichick acted as the master strategist, All-Pro quarterback Tom Brady served as the unflappable field general engineering critical game-winning drives.

When New England finally secured their record-tying sixth ring against the Los Angeles Rams following the 2018 season, they cemented themselves as the NFL’s last dynasty. Their run featured unprecedented success combined with weekly drama as the Pats always seemed to be battling major injuries, off-field distractions or major deficits.

But through Belichick’s bold adjustments, Brady’s precision strikes to mismatches and a rotating cast of heroes emerging through the years, the Patriots always found a way. Their mental toughness and resilience powered the grittiest dynasty professional football ever witnessed.

Table: Notable Patriots Super Bowl Records



Super Bowl Titles


Super Bowl Appearances


Conference Titles


Consecutive 10-Win Seasons


Playoff Wins By a Coach

31, Bill Belichick

Strahan’s Relentless 22.5 Sack Effort

New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan closed a Hall of Fame career emphatically by setting the NFL’s single season sack record with 22.5 in 2001. He accomplished this mark mostly through sheer determination and an array of power moves no offensive lineman could contain.

Strahan won league Defensive Player of the Year honors during his masterful ’01 campaign while playing for a struggling 7-9 Giants squad. He ravaged overwhelmed blockers for at least two sacks in six different contests, including four separate takedowns of Philadelphia’s Donovan McNabb during a fierce midseason matchup.

The Greatest Nfl Records And The Legends Who Made History

While Al Baker recorded 23 sacks in 1978, the NFL only began officially tracking this statistic in 1982. Strahan’s 22.5 stands as the recognized standard since sacks became formally recorded making his 2001 tour de force pass rushing exposition more noteworthy in league history.

Kelce Revolutionizes Tight End Position

Travis Kelce’s evolution into professional football’s preeminent tight end reached its zenith during a record-breaking 2020 campaign. The athletic 6’5", 260-pound Kelce overwhelmed defenders last season by obliterating the previous NFL single-season yardage record at his position with 1,416 yards.

Kelce operates as Kansas City’s top receiving threat within Andy Reid’s innovative schemes. He runs smooth, controlled routes to find openings before turning upfield and bulldozing smaller defensive backs. Kelce also exhibits soft hands to secure difficult contested throws.

His peerless production convinced the Chiefs to award Kelce with a lucrative 4-year, $57 million contract extension entering 2021. By expanding how tight ends influence modern offenses, Kelce’s prominence across the league continues rising.

Young Guns Herbert and Baker May Redefine QB Position

While legends Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers continue excelling into their 40s, a pair of brash rising stars moved closer towards redefining the quarterback position for a new generation. Exciting dual threats Justin Herbert and Kyler Murray appear poised to replicate Lamar Jackson’s blueprint of confounding defenses through explosive running and pinpoint passing.

Herbert took the league by storm in 2020 by establishing numerous rookie records. The poised 6’6" signal caller displayed jaw-dropping arm talent and underrated mobility. Murray possesses a lightning quick release with the speed to tear off huge rushing gains when plays break down. Their limitless potential and youthful swagger portends a seismic shift at football’s most critical position for years to come.

The Greatest Nfl Records And The Legends Who Made History


Our journey through the NFL’s extensive record books reveals that establishing new high-water marks requires a rare combination of talent, intelligence, skill and determination. The legends examined here poured their hearts and souls into perfecting crafts enabling them to rise above their peers. And they seemingly possessed extra motivation that kicked in when stakes were highest.

Jerry Rice running precise routes long after his teammates left practice. Tom Brady reviewing film of opposing defenses until mastering how to exploit weaknesses. Travis Kelce refining difficult one-handed catches to expand his tight end role. Their fanatical work ethics built foundations supporting record-shattering careers.

With training methods and strategies constantly evolving, we anticipate the next generation will shatter even more hallowed records. But these current benchmarks symbolize profound greatness sure to inspire future warriors striving to build their own legendary legacies. For at the core, unbreakable will and uncommon skill still separate NFL icons who redefine what’s achievable – and those chasing after in their wake.

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