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Gambling is one of the most prominent and fastest expanding industries globally. With rising worldwide revenue, the popularity of gambling continues to soar. We dive into the varied gambling sectors to uncover who holds the greatest gambling revenue.

The Global Gambling Industry in 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic considerably impacted gambling worldwide. As the world recuperates, significant alterations shape the industry's future.

Key Changes in the Gambling Industry

In 2020, the global gambling market lost about 5% of its value. However, it is forecasted to recover and reach $592.5 billion by 2024.

Comparatively, online gambling revenue expanded by $7.8 billion from 2019 to 2020. Projections estimate a $26.2 billion rise from 2020 to 2024.

Shockingly, land-based casinos only comprise a 25% market share as of 2020. This shift spotlights online gambling's escalating popularity.

Brick-and-Mortar Casino Revenues

Land-based casinos prevailed as the premiere gambling venue for decades. Their unmatched revenue ruled the industry until recent years when preferences evolved.

United States Brick-and-Mortar Casino Profits

Gambling draws vast participation across America, with 85% of citizens acknowledging they have gambled. Iconic gambling meccas include Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Distinguishing key differences between tribal and commercial operations is essential for comprehending revenues.

The 2019 combined annual earnings of all United States casinos totaled $78.21 billion.

Native American Casino Earnings

Tribal gambling venues presently operate in 29 states, with continuing growth predicted.

Reservations govern most land-based casinos, totaling 524 in 2019. The 525th opened in 2020.

Revenue peaked at $34.6 billion in 2019 before the pandemic outbreak. These profits fund necessities and alleviate poverty across Native American tribes.

The Largest Gambling Markets Worldwide

Commercial Casino Profits

The United States housed 465 commercial casinos in 2019, dropping to 463 amid the 2020 shutdowns. Some venues remain temporarily closed.

Earnings reached $41.28 billion in 2019, one of the sector's largest annual yields ever recorded.

Currently, only 18 states fully legalize commercial land-based casinos. An additional 7 permit riverboat and related casinos but prohibit traditional venues. All states govern gambling differently, generating varying profit levels.

Top 15 Commercial Casino Revenue by State in 2020 (in million dollars):

Nevada â $7,873.31
New Jersey â $2,881.38 Pennsylvania â $2,695.91 Mississippi â$1,795.2
Indiana â $1,709.48 Louisiana â $1,658.51 Ohio â $1,440.28 Missouri â $1,263.75 Maryland â $1,225.92 New York â $1,184.73 Iowa â $1,167.7 Illinois â $743.41 Michigan â $638.66 Colorado â $636.08 Massachusetts â $551.94

Top 6 States by Gambling Revenue in 2019:

1. Nevada â $12 billion

2. New Jersey – $3.5 billion

3. Pennsylvania – $3.4 billion

4. New York – $2.7 billion

5. Louisiana – $2.5 billion

6. Indiana – $2.2 billion

Unsurprisingly, Nevada constantly produces the highest takings thanks to abundant Las Vegas establishments.

Comparatively, New Jersey's Atlantic City fuels earnings as the second most lucrative gambling city nationwide. Atlantic City single-handedly drives the state's substantial revenue.

Additionally, Detroit's three casinos constitute much of Michigan's gambling income, despite its lower industry ranking.

Gambling Tax Earnings

Tribal casinos hold no mandate to remit state tax revenue, although they do pay select taxes contingent upon state laws. Overall, Native American tribes contributed approximately $15 billion in taxes from 1988 to 2016.

The Largest Gambling Markets Worldwide

For instance, in states like Washington, gambling tax earnings exclude casino profits and solely represent revenue from legalized gambling forms.

Comparatively, commercial casinos owe state tax obligations. United States gambling tax proceeds hit $10.2 billion in 2019 pre-pandemic.

Understandably, COVID-19's influence drove down 2020's takings. Specfically, a 27% loss of operational time and a 31.3% revenue decrease were endured alongside a $3.5 billion reduction in remittance taxes year-over-year.

International Land-Based Casino Markets

Besides America, Europe retains one of the largest gambling markets globally, generating approximately $88.2 billion in 2019 land-based revenue alone.

Top European Countries by 2019 Land-Based Gambling Revenue:

Italy â $21.53 billion
Germany â $17.01 billion France â $14.51 billion Spain â $10.59 billion Netherlands â $3.69 billion Sweden â $2.85 billion

Unsurprisingly, Europe houses many brick-and-mortar casinos, with 77% of all European gambling conducted in-person pre-pandemic.

Top European Nations by Quantity of Land-Based Venues in 2017:

Czechia â 299 France â 200
UK â 145 Switzerland â 65 Estonia â 63
Poland â 49

America retains enviable gambling proceeds, with Las Vegas deemed the global capital. However, direct comparisons reveal that Macau, China's sole legal gambling jurisdiction, produces higher yields. Specifically, Las Vegas generated $22 billion in 2019 while Macau earned $36.5 billion.

Analyzing per visitor revenue by country unveils global standings:

Per Visitor Gambling Revenue:

Macau – $1,345
Australia – $736 Singapore – $446 Philippines – $404 South Korea – $189
Cambodia – $73 Malaysia – $72

Japan also demonstrates potential, legalizing casinos in 2018. Experts predicted around $8 billion in takings from three upcoming integrated resorts that year.

The Largest Gambling Markets Worldwide

Online Gambling Market Earnings

While land-based establishments falter amid COVID-19, internet gambling provides a convenient alternative mirroring conventional experiences without viral spread risks. Correspondingly, online profits expand steadily.

United States Digital Gambling Profits

America adores online betting, with market value leaping from $306.5 million in 2018 to approximately $1.98 billion in 2020. Legislation fully permits remote gambling solely in:

●   New Jersey

●   West Virginia

●   Michigan

●   Delaware

●   Pennsylvania

Other jurisdictions allow restricted online sports gambling but continue progressing toward comprehensive legalization.

New Jersey dominates the internet gambling landscape, generating $970.3 million in 2020 revenue despite land-based losses from COVID-19 closures.

The highest-grossing online casinos include:

●   DraftKings

●   FanDuel/Betfair

●   Roar Digital

●   Golden Nugget

●   PokerStars

Customers especially enjoy online poker and sports betting, on track to become the most favored gambling activity.

Digital Sports Betting Income

American digital sports betting expanded enormously throughout the pandemic as customers flocked online. Approximately $1.55 billion in revenue was collected in 2020 across permitted states.

While figures consistently impress across the country, New Jersey continues to lead in sports gambling too. Specifically, the state amassed $11.3 million in revenues from Super Bowl bets alone.

As more states continue passing legislation, this market share will likely keep rising.

European Online Gambling Revenues

Although Europe prefers in-person gambling establishments, internet betting retains immense interest as well. Specifically, Europe represented 49.2% of the global online gambling market in 2018.

The Largest Gambling Markets Worldwide

Mirroring land-based losses up to 25% amid 2020 COVID-19 closures, European online gambling revenues rose by 7% comparatively.

Annual regulated online gambling growth is estimated between 1-2% moving forward. This trails the expansive projections for the United States but remains noteworthy.

Top European Online Gambling Markets:

United Kingdom Germany Italy
France Spain Sweden

Acquiring an online gaming license is mandatory for European operations. Most EU countries provide digital gambling licenses, while other nations restrict this activity.

Similar to America, Europeans especially enjoy online sports betting. In 2019, 41% of European online gamblers placed sports wagers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the world's most profitable casino?

Galaxy Macau reigns as the largest grossing individual casino globally, generating $8 billion in 2019 revenue.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas Sands Corporation constitutes the highest-earning casino enterprise internationally, accumulating $13.74 billion in 2019 from its collection of venues including The Venetian and The Palazzo.

How much money do casinos make daily?

Major casinos like those on the Las Vegas Strip and in Macau often produce $1.5 – $3 million per day. Smaller venues generate comparatively lower yields.

Many establishments do not release exact financial reports, complicating precise profit calculations. Still, the largest casinos bring in millions daily.


Through reopening efforts, the gambling industry continues exhibiting immense revenue potential following 2020's tempestuous environment. Patrons are returning to land-based casinos while online betting witnesses monumental growth.

All considerable markets are expanding, with venues earnings climbing across both in-person and internet platforms.

Forecasts remain optimistic for the global gambling industry's future outlook as operations resume and modernize to attract changing consumer interests while recovering from losses inflicted throughout the pandemic.

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