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Slot machines are enormously popular games found in casinos worldwide. Part of their appeal comes from the exciting lights and sounds, but what really attracts players is the chance to win big payouts. With so many slots to choose from though, how do you find the best machines that pay out the most?

This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about slot machine payout percentages. You’ll learn how to interpret important stats like the return-to-player (RTP) percentage and hit frequency. We’ll also reveal insider tips to locate the highest paying slots, whether you play online or at land-based casinos.

What is the Payout Percentage on Slots?

Also called the RTP (return-to-player), the payout percentage tells you the average amount paid back to players over an extended period of time. Let’s explain with an example:

●   Slot machine has 94% payout

●   You wager $100 over one month

●   On average, you would expect $94 paid back to you

The payout percentage doesn’t guarantee results on any individual session. But the more spins you make, the more your outcome should align with the published percentage.

Higher payout percentages favor the player. A difference of even 1% means thousands in potential profits over a long run. That’s why seeking slots with the best odds should be a priority.

How Casinos Profit from Slots

Brick and mortar casinos and online operators make money because slots have a built-in house advantage. The house edge is simply the flip side of the payout percentage.

A 94% RTP slot has a house edge of 6%. For every $100 gambled on average $6 goes to the casino’s profit. When you hear about “tight” and “loose” slots, it refers to games with higher and lower house edges.

Loose slots
pay out more frequently and at higher percentages benefiting players. Tight slots have lower payout percentages diminishing player returns.

Finding Slot Machines with the Top Payouts

Besides carefully reading slot reviews, what’s the best way locate the highest paying slots? We recommend checking two key stats:

1. Return-to-Player (RTP)

As explained above, the RTP percentage
informs you how much is returned to players over an extended play period.

●   94% RTP means $94 paid for every $100 wagered

●   99% RTP means $99 paid for every $100 gambled

Games with RTPs of 90% provide pretty good returns. But slots in the high 90s offer maximum player advantages.

Always verify RTP before playing. Online slots frequently publish this on the rules or information page. Land-based slots usually don’t display RTPs on the machines.

2. Hit Frequency

This number tells you how often a slot pays out over a span of 100 spins. It doesn’t reveal potential payout size though. Consider two games:

●   Slot A has 20% hit frequency

●   Slot B has 25% hit frequency

Slot B will payout more frequently, delivering wins on 25% of spins versus 20% on Slot A. But we don’t know if the actual payouts are larger on A or B without more information.

Which Online Slots Have the Highest Payouts?

Thanks to lower overhead expenses, online slot payouts blow land-based slots out of the water. Instead of an average 90% RTP you commonly find in Vegas and elsewhere, many internet slots deliver payout percentages in the high 90s.

We’ve analyzed hundreds of online titles to locate the top 10 slots with the best payouts. Just remember variance can greatly impact short term results on any slot machine.



Min. Jackpot


Blood Suckers 98.00% 250,000 Medium
1429 Uncharted Seas 98.60% 500,000 Medium
Jackpot 6000 Up to 98.80% $250,000 Medium
Mega Joker 99% 500,000 Medium
Reactoonz 96.5% 100,000 High
Dead or Alive 96.8% 100,000 High
Divine Fortune 96.59% 100,000 High
Jammin Jars 96% 500,000 High
Bonanza 96% 250,000 High
Legacy of Dead 96% 250,000 High
What Are The Best Slots To Play At The Casino Insider Tips & Top Picks 🌟

Use the above RTPs to gain a statistical edge. But also pay attention to bonus features like free spins and special symbols. These structural factors significantly impact payouts too.

Locating the Best Land-Based Slot Payouts

Searching for loose Vegas slot machines offering massive payouts? Brick and mortar slots work much differently than internet games. But you can still discover favorable machines by using some insider techniques.

First though, understand that land-based slots have built-in restrictions online operators don’t face:

●   Higher overhead costs

●   Limited floor space for machines

●   Less ability to quickly tweak games

These factors make improving RTPs tougher for traditional casinos. That’s why their average payout percent ranges between 75% to 93% normally.

Finding Loose Slot Machines in Vegas

Experienced advantage players share a few techniques for locating those rare loose slots:

1. Focus on High Traffic Areas

Casinos allegedly place their most generous slots in heavily visible sections. Why? They want passersby seeing frequent payouts to encourage more play.

Examples include close to the main entrance, aisle intersections, and cashier cages. Areas around smoking lounges provide good visibility too.

2. Avoid Low Traffic Sections

Supposedly casinos situate tighter machines where fewer guests venture. These include wings opened during peak nights and recessed niche slots. The worst slots allegedly lurk behind pillars and corners where big wins go unseen.

3. Play Just Before and After Major Events

Savvy local players swarm the slots just before a big casino show or concert. Their thinking is RTPs temporarily rise to create action right beforehand. The same logic applies for playing just after the event concludes.

Obviously these suggestions aren’t definitive. But using some combination of strategies above may help narrow options within a massive casino floor.

What Are The Best Slots To Play At The Casino Insider Tips & Top Picks 🌟

Checking Payout Percentages by US State

In many jurisdictions, gaming regulators require a minimum RTP for all slots. Nevada mandates at least 75% with an average payout rate of 93.6% on the Las Vegas Strip. Meanwhile Oklahoma and California currently have no minimum return percentages.

Review the average payouts by US state below. Just remember higher RTPs still won’t guarantee you’ll hit wins immediately. Focus on states near the top to gain a slight playing advantage:


Avg. Payout Percentage

Nevada 93.50%
New Jersey 90.50% – 91.70%
Florida 90.91% – 93.55%
Illinois 89.18% – 92.45%
Indiana 89.83% – 91.61%
Iowa 89.00% – 92.00%
California Est. 88.00%
Oklahoma No data available

Pro Slot Player Tip

“I only play slots with payout percentages 96% or higher. This provides the maximum long run advantage against the house edge.”

Understanding Slot Game Volatility

When analyzing slots payouts, game volatility enters the equation too. Also called variance, this measures how frequently a slot pays out jackpots.

High volatility slots deliver big wins less often resulting in more risks for bankrolls. Think progressive slots where you might play forever without a result due to extremely high variance.

Low volatility slot jackpots hit more frequently but offer smaller payouts. Imagine penny slots where players constantly win tiny amounts to extend play time.

Most slot enthusiasts prefer a middle ground with medium volatility. Decent jackpots arrive intermittently to keep things exciting without huge dry spells. Expect to win 20-30x your stake or higher on these type of medium variance games.

Determining volatility requires checking multiple sites with slot reviews. Sometimes the game rules provide hints too. For instance Progressive Jackpot slots advertise life changing prizes because of their ultra high volatility.

What Are The Best Slots To Play At The Casino Insider Tips & Top Picks 🌟

Taking a Chance on Progressive Jackpots

Part of slots universal appeal comes from the possibility of winning an enormous progressive jackpot prize. These special machines take a fraction from every bet to contribute toward a rapidly growing bounty.

It’s not unusual for progressives to eclipse million dollar payouts before some fortunate soul triggers the grand prize. Can you imagine winning $10 million playing the Wheel of Fortune slots?

Now the chances of actually hitting one of those monster jackpots remains incredibly slim. The odds work similar to playing the lottery. But here’s the kicker:

With progressive slots you still receive frequent small payouts in addition to that one big lottery style payday. Compare that to playing the lottery where almost everyone loses 100% of the time.

How Progressive Slots Work

These machines operate differently than standard slots:

●   A percentage of each bet gets added to the bounty

●   The bounty keeps increasing until one lucky player wins it

●   After paying the jackpot, bounty resets then starts increasing again

To fund those outrageous prizes, casinos lower the payout percentage on progressives. Rather than the standard 90-95% RTP, you might see figures as low as 88% or even 85%.

Many players happily accept the compromise, seduced by the allure of mega jackpot dreams. But temper runaway expectations by tracking stats over a long timeframe.

Spotting Progressive Jackpot Patterns

Veteran slots manager Travis says you may identify progressive winning patterns sometimes:

“In my 30 years on casino floors, I’ve noticed progressive jackpots occasionally hit after slowly climbing for an extended time period without a result. It seems frequency increases right before resetting.”

Consider creating your own tracking sheet recording payouts over a long sample. Then try detecting any predictable progressive prize cycles.

What Are The Best Slots To Play At The Casino Insider Tips & Top Picks 🌟

Final Slot Tips from the Pros

Hopefully you now grasp the key stats like RTP for locating great paying slots. Keep hunting for those winning percentages in the mid 90s whether playing online or in land casinos.

A few parting tips:

●   Bet maximum coins when possible to activate entire payline spectrum

●   Always check game rules first to understand special features

●   Slot club cards award comps even if you don’t win

●   Gambling should be fun, not a financial risk

Choose your favorite interesting slot theme and start spinning those reels. Carefully manage your bankroll as the saying goes – “The more you play, the more you win!”

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