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Deciding what to wear to a casino can be challenging when making travel plans. Can you wear casual attire, or do you need to dress up more formally? The dress code at casinos has become more relaxed over the years, but there are still some guidelines to follow. This article will provide a detailed guide on the chic casino dress code so you know what type of outfit to pack.

Key Takeaways on Casino Attire

Casino dress codes range from smart casual during the day and for general gambling floors to white tie and ball gowns for ultra-exclusive soirées. It’s wise to check the casino’s website before visiting to avoid being under or overdressed. No matter what you wear, focus on clean, polished looks and leave anything with tears, stains, or excessive wear at home.

Understanding dress code policies at major casinos you plan to visit takes a little research but pays off by ensuring you meet standards and avoid embarrassment. Most gambling venues list their specific guidelines for attire on their websites or can clarify when asked. With the range of events and activities hosted, the expected formality may vary.

During daylight hours, casinos often relax codes to smart casual. This means neat, clean polished casual wear like polos, blouses, dark jeans, khakis, and dresses. Tennis shoes and flip flops are still frowned upon. At night, cocktail attire, suits, ties, dresses, and gowns are more common, especially in high-end establishments and VIP areas. Formal events like galas and tournaments may require black or white tie suits and gowns.

General Dress Code Guidelines for Casinos

Before heading to any casino, check their website for specific rules regarding their dress code. Every gambling venue has slightly different expectations, which may vary depending on what you plan on doing there.

What To Wear When Visiting A Casino

However, there are some general dress code guidelines to keep in mind that will ensure you meet the standards at most casinos worldwide:

●   Avoid wearing flip-flops, sneakers, or athletic shoes

●   Do not wear dirty, damaged, or torn clothing

●   Casinos tend to be more casual during the day – men can often get away with polos and collared shirts, while women can wear blouses and other smart separates. After dark, it’s best to avoid shorts and t-shirts

●   The fancier the casino, the more formal you should dress

Understanding the different types of casino dress codes and what they mean will help you navigate any formalwear requirements.

Different Casino Attire & What They Mean

The expected attire for the casino floor, lounge areas, tournaments, and private gaming tables is usually listed on the casino’s website. You may see various dress codes specified, like “black tie optional” or “smart casual.” Here’s what the different casino dress codes typically entail:

Smart Casual Casino Wear

If you’re staying at a hotel with a casino or just popping in to try your luck at slots while on vacation, smart casual attire is probably fine. However, it’s still best to avoid looks like sweatpants or ripped t-shirts if you want to blend in.

White Tie

White tie, also called full evening dress, refers to the most formal style of dress code you’ll encounter at casinos. For men, this means a black dress coat with tails, white bow tie, white vest, and other formal accents. Women would wear elegant floor-length gowns, fur wraps, gloves, and jewelry. White tie is mandatory for certain ultra exclusive events.

Black Tie

Black tie is common evening attire at fancier casinos for events, VIP lounges, or nighttime gaming. Men wear black bow ties and dinner jackets with formal shirts, shoes, and accessories. For women, black tie calls for cocktail dresses, dressy pantsuits, or glamorous full-length gowns paired with heels and accessorized.

What To Wear When Visiting A Casino

Business Formal

Opting for standard business formal attire – like you’d wear client meetings or at the office – is a safe choice if you’re unsure of a casino’s dress code. You’ll look sharp and put-together. For men, that’s a suit and tie. Women would wear dress pants or pencil skirts with blouses and blazers.


The most prevalent dress code you’ll see at casinos is semi-formal. This calls for men to wear dress pants, button-downs, sports jackets, and leather shoes. For women, nice cocktail dresses, dressy separates, and pantsuits are appropriate. Dark jeans and less formal shirts may fly during daytime casino gambling.


In summary, the key is aiming to dress a notch above the norm with clean, sharp outfits free of tears, stains, or wearing. Avoid shorts, overly casual tops, and athletic shoes anytime outside daytime casino gambling floors. Research venues ahead of time so you can pack properly and blend right in with even the swankiest casino crowd!

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